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Xceleration Labs is a boutique consulting and outsourced engineering service, specializing in helping startup founders develop their ideas into reality.

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Who needs our service?

Had some success, but want more?

Had some success, but want more?

You’ve got a great idea, created a great product, or perhaps had some success, but it’s somehow not quite enough.

Be honest and ask yourself (your team...)

Be honest and ask yourself (your team...)
  • What’s your product’s winning proposition?
    Who is your target audience?
    Are they willing to pay for your product?
  • If your customer bought the product, have they used it? Would they recommend it to a friend?
  • How many days, months can you last without any revenue? Are you really trying to create a sustainable business?
Lengthy Story?

Lengthy Story?

If you answered "don't know" or your answer wasn't factual but rather a lengthy "story" in response to either of these questions, you NEED Xceleration Labs and we are here to get you on your way.

Got some stuff implemented, but need more help?

Got some stuff implemented, but need more help?

Glad to pitch in and help take some of the design and engineering work off your hands, so you can focus on your area(s) of expertise.

First online service or mobile app?

First online service or mobile app?

Often times, without something "solid", it's hard to find teammates, --co-founders, partners, designers, and technical people--, to help you get going. Let's help you change that.

Sample Work

Jibao System
I want to first thank Aki and Tammy, who have spent so much time with me. They helped me build my confidence and helped me find my passion and understand my purpose. In addition, they helped me to not feel all alone during my startup journey, often providing me with a positive outlook and attitude. They continually support Jibao to find our correct path and even teammates to accomplish our vision. This vision is to change Taiwan! Rock the World! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Kimble Wang, Founder
I'm leading the company into a new frontier by trial and error and utilizing all my resources and power in changing the world. Aki's experience, advice, and mentoring helps me keep on track and make noticeable progress. Deciding who to trust is hard, but trusting Aki as been the most rewarding decision that I've made.
- Even Chung, Founder & CEO
It's really hard to keep the faith when you face the road of starting a business. I'd really like to thank Xceleration for every help, meething, and advice. You make us realize why we can do our job well and help us keep the faith. It's always great to know you are behind us and stay with us. I don't think I met any mentor like you before. I really appreciate everything Xceleration has done for us.
- Paul Shih, Founder & CEO
Little Robot Studio
I really want to thank Xceleration for sitting with us, tirelessly brainstorming and going through every idea with a fine toothed comb to try to figure out what we want to do. It's been very clear since the beginning that you are trying to help us find our passion. I haven't met anyone who do what you do... where emphasis is placed on calling, dreams, and visions (for one's life).
- Head of Robots, Founder
Avini Group
I've known Aki and Tammy for many years. We've had an established friendship and trust. So when my co-founder and I started our company AVINI Group, I was happy to have Aki and Tammy's support and expertise. Aki's talent for big picture and out-of-the-box-thinking garnered from real world exerpeince is invaluable. As I begin my next venture, I look forward to working with Aki again in the future.
- Seyi River, Founder
Augus Chen is very professional and passionate in terms of UI and UX design. I think he definitely is a partner that you must have.
- Felix Pei, Founder
I want to thank Aki and Tammy for all their mentoring guidance across the Pacific. Working with Xceleration Labs has helped me to bring my startup to the next stage. I really appreciate all their efforts, which go far beyond normal consultancy services. Consulting services are easy to find - but you have to be extremely lucky to find somebody you can really trust like Aki and Tammy. Every time after our meetings, I feel like I got one step further in the right direction. It was the best decision to work together with Xceleration labs. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Aki and Tammy.
- Mavi Miller, Founder & CEO
When you begin your startup vision, it's pure and at its core the fundamentals of why you're doing what you're doing. But when you begin to talk to outsiders and gain feedback, you layer on layers of information, data and stories to explain your vision. During this process, you lose sight of the origin and the meaning of what you're doing. Aki and Tammy, through working sessions with them, helped me regain the inner self, the essence of what we at Muz Bikes are about to help guide us in our future. For this, I'm grateful to have met them.
- Kevin Chen, Founder

How are we compensated?

Sorry, unlike most things on the internet or mobile apps,
we're not a Free or Freemium service.

Our options are:

  • Equity Stake. Ideal for pre-revenue companies.
  • Negotiated Success Fee. % of funds raised.
  • Fees Payment. Ideal for revenue generating companies.
    Negotiable and based on time and project specifics.
  • Or combination of the above.

Committed to the success of visionaries who need an assist

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